TILT Construction Limited

TILT Construction Company Limited is a Nigerian Civil Engineering and Construction Company based in Lagos. We pride ourselves
in solving modern-day civil engineering and construction challenges and ensuring successful completion of projects.

Our passion for Excellence, Integrity and Professionalism brings to bear the expertise we exhibit in civil and structural engineering construction where we pride ourselves on developing unrivaled cutting edges in building sustainable infrastructure that complies with global best practices.

Our strongest forte is commitment. We believe there is no better proof of commitment to service than a project that demonstrates the integrity of its builder. The business we do is not particularly exclusive to us however our distinct marker lies in our dedicated team members’ commitment with which we provide quality, in-depth strong and proactive input in all our services. Our successes is not just driven from the professionalism offered on our projects, but from the ‘passion’ that drives our delivery of quality projects thus making our slogan ‘building with passion’ to truly portray what we stand for.

TILT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED brings reliability and integrity to your projects because our reputation is built on using proven quality products and dedicated professional service.

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